San Francisco Wedding Photography

San Francisco Wedding Photography

San Francisco wedding photographer Jim Vetter offers San Francisco brides the very best in San Francisco wedding photography.

Are you getting married in San Francisco? Who will be your San Francisco wedding photographer?

Choosing a san francisco wedding photographer is unlike any other choice you will make as you plan your wedding.  There are no other decisions that have such long term implications for how you remember your san francisco wedding day for the rest of your life.  For this reason, there are some very important considerations you will want to make as you select your san francisco wedding photographer.

So many couples make their san francisco wedding planning choices based primarily on price.  This does make sense for many of the things you need for your wedding.  However, unlike the food, the dress, the flowers, or the music… your san francisco wedding photography is not forgotten after the wedding.  Your wedding photos are all that remain of the wedding day and you don’t get a second chance to get them right.

So, let’s talk about what’s really important…

Love your san francisco photographer!

Your san francisco wedding photographer will be with you for a large part of your wedding day.   Be sure to get to know your san francisco wedding photographer before you book them.  Meet them for coffee or a drink to get acquainted.  If you love them, book them.  If you don’t, then move on to a different san francisco wedding photographer.  Don’t settle for anything but an amazing experience on your wedding day.  You deserve it!

Love your san francisco wedding photographer’s work!

There are so many photographic styles to choose from.  Which one do you love?  I suggest imagining yourself in the photos you see on each san francisco wedding photographer’s website.  If you love how you feel when you see yourself in those photos, that is a great sign!  If you feel anything but excited and happy, they are not your san francisco wedding photographer.  Keep looking.  You are hiring an artist and you should give them the artistic license to fulfill their vision.  Just make sure that you love their vision by looking at a lot of their work from san francisco weddings.

Trust your san francisco wedding photographer!

It can be challenging to gain trust in a san francisco wedding photographer.  It is always a leap of faith to some extent.  Be sure to read reviews and connect with other clients if possible.  We collect client reviews on and but there are various other review sites out there.  Be sure to ask each photographer for their reviews.

Personal Referrals to san francisco wedding photographers

Ask your married friends and family about their san francisco wedding photographer.  There is nothing better than a referral from someone you already know and trust.

San Francisco Wedding Photographer’s Website

Many san francisco wedding photographers don’t have a studio that you can go visit so their website is their virtual storefront.  Spend some time exploring their site.  It will tell you a lot about them and how they run their business.  A well organized site is probably run by a well organized and professional san francisco wedding photographer.

You’ll find the photographer’s portfolio on their website.  These are the photos that the photographer believes to be their very best work.  It is also the work that best represents their artistic style.  Choosing a san francisco wedding photographer with a consistent style that you love is very important.

San Francisco Wedding Photographer’s Blog

Be sure to visite the photographer’s blog.  This is updated more frequently than the website itself and gives you a much better idea of the quality and style you could expect if you hired them.  If a san francisco wedding photographer hasn’t updated their blog in several months then that’s a red flag and you should wonder whether they are actively working in your market.

Speak directly with your san francisco wedding photographer candidates

Whatever you do, DON’T simply send emails asking for pricing and package info.  If you like the photographers’ work, and their online presence is promising, pick up the phone and call them and make a personal connection.  The price list tells you nothing about the experience you’ll have.  Make sure you get a feel for what they have to offer before ruling them out based on price alone.

Booking your san francisco wedding Photographer

When it finally comes down to making the decision, go with your gut.  If it doesn’t feel quite right, its probably not.  If you really like the san francisco wedding photographer then chances are that you will get great photos.

Before you sign a contract, confirm exactly what you’re paying upfront and when the balance is due.  Also be sure you understand what the payment and refund policies are.  Most san francisco wedding photographers (including us) make all payments non-refundable.  However, by this point you are confident in your choice because you did your homework and your due diligence.

Jim Vetter Photography is a San Francisco wedding photographer based in Fairfax, CA offering wedding photography in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose south bay area and the Napa and Sonoma wine country.

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